Pico De Loro Hamilo Coast

We found a site on Facebook about units for rent at Pico De Loro.

So we rented a one bedroom unit for six people, overnight.

The unit was nice, furnished decent and very cozy.

But I have to say, Hamilo Coast is stunning! Pico De Loro is very well kept, clean and the service is seemly… until I ordered food. Lol.

We ordered Halu-Halo and Chocolate Cake with extra vanilla ice cream. I also asked for an ashtray the moment we arrived near the pool.

The Halu-Halo arrived after a few minutes, with my ice cream. I asked for the cake and she said it was coming soon. I also asked again for the ashtray.

So my ice cream melted. 

I went inside the restaurant (because we were sitting near the infinity pool) and asked for my cake, and my ice cream to be replaced because it was already melted. I also asked again for the ashtray. 

After a few minutes my chocolate cake came with vanilla ice cream on the side. 

Unfortunately I had to ask again for the ashtray, a fourth time! What the hell. 

While waiting for the ashtray I tasted the cake, and it was awesome! And I am glad it was because otherwise I would have been super pissed. It was huge, very moist and had just the right amount of sweetness. Delicious! 

And finally, the ashtray arrived.  


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