Hole In The Wall

After our trip to Pico De Loro, we went to Hole In The Wall.

My friends and I ordered all that we can, we were curious. 

P170 for fresh pineapple juice. Quite expensive, but it really was fresh! 

Liberty Shawarma. It was jampacked with ingredients and flavor! In fact, it was so jampacked with flavor that the taste was too strong. Meh. I could only take three bites; one to try, another to make sure that what I tasted was not good, and another to confirm that I really did not like it. 

This was delicious. Bad Bird. I loved their chicken! It was juicy and the skin was so crispy. Their coleslaw was heavenly, and you can actually taste the freshness of the vegetables used. Corn on the cob was good too. 

I ordered take out from Mister Delicious. I forgot what the sandwich was called! Sorry. But it was very flavorful. I loved it. They were also very generous with size of their sandwich. 

Overall I thought the experience was good. I would definitely go back to have some more Bad Bird and Mister Delicious. 


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