I went to dinner with my friends (who are also big fans of Korean food) and I decided to take them to Sariwon. 

The moment you walk in to this place, you’ll love it. The interiors are nice, clean and well kept. Another thing you instantly notice is it doesn’t smell like you typical Korean BBQ restaurant. I love it, because after your meal, your hair and your clothes won’t smell like your meal. 

I suggested we try their set meal for four. Which includes:

Their super awesome Sariwon Bulgogi. The broth is just so full of flavor!

Dak Galbi, chicken covered in spicy sauce. 

Pajeon, which sometimes includes seafood, but in this case it was just vegetables. But still flavorsome.

Yangnyeom Buchaesal- mouthwaterig tender beef. That is all I can say.

And last but not the least their Bibimbap, that I forgot to take a picture of. Sorry. 🙂 

I love Sariwon! I actually think it is the best Korean restaurant in the Metro.


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