House Of Cards

I binged watched season 3 of HOC last weekend. Our internet was acting up so it took me 10 years to download, and I did not see it the first weekend it was out. Though I wondered about the lack of internet buzz around it. I recall people raving about the first two seasons so much, that it made me want to watch it.

Saturday- I ate a hearty breakfast: an omelette with sausages, bacon and cheese. I had to prepare myself for one of the most epic weekends ever- House Of Cards Season 3.

And so it begins…

Midnight struck, and I was still wondering where the gripping storyline was going to start? I get that HOC is centered on political drama, but there was no drama, only politics! Lol. I could only cope up with so little political gibberish.

I hope season 4 would be better for us laymen.

I’ve found an interesting piece of information whilst reading about HOC: Neflix developed “House of Cards” after the company’s data on users suggested the same subscribers who loved the original 1990 BBC miniseries also gobbled down movies starring Kevin Spacey or directed by David Fincher.



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