Mega Food Hall

We tried out Mega Food Hall’s promo for Mondays to Thursdays of March: 

First up is Frankie’s. Personally I like Frankie’s, but the others complained that the sauce on the wings was too sour. But half a dozen wings, rice and Coke wasn’t bad for 199PHP.

Next is Miguelito’s Bistek Tagalog for 149PHP. It was delicious! The beef was super tender, I think it was beef belly. It was fatty, but I like it that way. 🙂 I actually requested for the fatty parts. Lol. I also ordered their Bagnet Salad; which had mustard greens, tomatoes, onions and salted egg topped with shrimp paste. I loved it! It was very tasty and it had little bits of Bagnet on top. Though I thought it to be a bit pricey, 95PHP for a small plate.

One person tried Pescano Mexicano from TEXMEX at 149PHP. I did not taste it but they said it was okay. The order took a bit long though, he was the first one that ordered and when his food came we were almost done eating.

Some of us ordered at SP Steak&Pasta. It wasn’t one of those on promo, but they just couldn’t resist. Lol. It was very apetizing. The pork and chicken were really flavorful but the paella rice was the star! 

Overall, our Mega Food Hall Promo experience was good. We especially loved the ambiance, the tables and chairs, which were far apart. It was not crowded and very well lit. 


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