I am one of the lucky people to experience Nommu Metrowalk’s soft opening. 

First thing you notice when you go inside is the lighting, this place has very intimate lighting. 🙂
It’s also spacious, which is nice. Nowadays most restrobars cramp as much table and chairs in to one small place, that when you go to stand up you have to bump several chairs and say excuse me 20 times as you walk towards the restroom. 
Time to try the food…
I think this is called the Nommu Festival. Everybody’s remark when they tried the sushi was that it was fresh!

EditThis place has one of the best Kani Salads that I have ever tried! Wow.

Their ramens were good too. It was so full of flavor, the broth was so thick and they didn’t hold back on the seasoning. Plus, they were huge! 

Their rolls were to die for. Delicious! Everything was heavenly. 

Overall, I think this place is a gamechanger  for Metrowalk. It’s clean and the food is great. Whereas normal Metrowalk bars would be so stuffy and cruddy. Another thing that we liked was during dinner time, the music wasn’t loud and they didn’t play party sounds. Around 10PM was when they dimmed the lights and started with the lively music. It’s so cozy and pleasant. I encourage everybody to try Nommu. 🙂

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