The Gourmand Market

Last weekend there was a food fair in BGC.

I was curious about it, so I went, and I’m glad I did.

I got to taste and buy a lot of good stuff.

 Like this Wheat Beer called Tropic Haze by Nippa Brew for P145. It kind of tasted like Duvel. I found it good though. 🙂

There were flowers.. Hihi.

Ginger ale, which I found delicious. 🙂

Crepes for P150. There was a lot in it, like a lot. The guy did not go easy on the strawberries and toppings. Awesome. 🙂 It was even topped with walnuts!

 Philly Cheese Steak from Olympia’s Gourmet. Absolutely one of the best that I’ve tried. 🙂

I also bought Basil Pesto, which was really tasty. Perhaps the most delicious bottled basil pesto, ever.

But I would have to say, that possibly the best find would be this:  Salted Caramel by KT’s Kitchen. Hands down, the most delicious salted caramel jam I have ever tasted. Just dip in some crackers, and you’re good to go. Perfect.

I liked Gourmand, I had fun and I hope they do it again. 🙂


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