Holy Movie Week

I was looking forward to the holidays so I could watch the movies I downloaded. I used to this all the time, but lately I have been so busy that the only time I get to binge watch would be the weekends. But it got the point that during weekends I have to run out and do some errands, that I couldn’t even sneak in one or two movies.

Oh well. Shall we? 🙂


First up is Fifty Shades Of Grey. I would honestly say that I thought this movie was not as bad as they say it was. It wasn’t an Oscar contender either. It was okay. Of course, I am a still a woman, and the thought of a handsome billionaire taking care of you and sweeping you off your feet is what most girls dream about. And it was just amusing to watch. I liked the cinematography of this movie. I think Seamus McGarvey did a good job. I just wish they found have found a more manly and more handsome Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan just lacked charisma and command in my opinion.


I decided to watch this film because I like the actors in it. Greg Kinnear, Nat Wolff, Lily Collins, Logan Lerman, etc. The story was very vanilla, and the actual movie was very quirky. The ending was simple and fulfilling. Everything was as exactly as it should be. And I like those kinds of endings. 🙂


A troubled young girl and troubled rich guy on the road to ruin. Ick. Evan Rachel Wood will always be one of my favorites, but this film just fell flat. I like Scott Speedman too, mainly in the Underwold movies, but this one was just a waste of good talent. For both actors. And a waste of my good time.


I thought this movie was very gripping. Just raw and filled with emotion. The actors were intensely good. They were vulnerable, especially Brie Larson, she was brilliant. This is one of the movies that would make you rethink your life’s purpose. At least that is what I felt. It made me feel that I have so much to be thankful for. Sometimes watching melodramatic movies would be a drag, but this one is different.


Oh boy. Where do I start? The fact that this movie has insanely beautiful actors in it? Or how well it was acted and directed?

This film was beautiful. Someone’s struggle in identifying their sexuality and the good and bad that come with it. Mistakes that you make as you grow up, being in a relationship, coming out of a relationship, etc. I think most people can relate to this film, whether you’re straight or gay, sane or not. It was dragging a bit, but that was forgivable. And oh, the sex was good. 🙂


I just watched this to see what all the fuss is about with Cookie and Lucious. Haha! I thought this is Terence Howard’s best performance. There’s something about this film that makes you root for the characters in it.


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