Blake’s Wings & Steaks

Last Saturday we had one of the most amazing meals! 

We tried this new restaurant in Marikina, called Blake’s Wings & Steaks.

First we tried their Garden Salad.

  Fresh greens, grapes, pomelo, olives, and crutons topped with parmesan and honey dressing. Super refreshing! And for 150PHP the server said it was good for two to three people, and indeed it was. We gobbled up every piece of it. Lol.

Then our wings came…


We selected their BBQ Original Wings for 195PHP, which the server said was their best seller. And it was delicious! 10-12 pieces of wings! They were crispy, not soaked in sauce, and very flavorful.

Next up, the steak!


Their porterhouse steak was thin, but I’m not complaining. It was just for 250PHP, but huge and already includes the sidings.

Last but not the least is their Rigatoni in Tomato and White Sauce.


Though I am not a big pasta eater, I enjoyed this one. 195PHP, which is good for two to three people. Awesome.

Overall the Blake experience was something that we definitely enjoyed. The ambiance was nice, the food is cheap and insanely good! We would definitely come back, and without hesitations, recommend this place to all of my friends. 


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