Reyes BBQ

So I previously had put up a bad review of Reyes BBQ Emerald branch. After which, they contacted me and apologized, convincing me to go back to their store. Which I did, I just didn’t inform them. Lol. And they have improved their service since.

One thing that could make or break a restaurant for me is the service. The quality of your food won’t matter to me if you have shitty service.

Behrouz used to be nightmare to go to because of their super slow service. But all’s well now. 🙂

So, it was the first time I noticed that they served chicken ass. Lol. And I love chicken ass! And it was awesome! The second best chicken ass that I have ever tried in my life! Wow. It blew me away. Good job Reyes BBQ, good job. 🙂


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