So I Haven’t Been Posting Lately…

Because my phone broke. I sent it iStudio in Shangri-La and they gave me the run around for three fucking months! WTH. So I finally pulled out my phone from them and I took it to Apple in IFC Mall in Hong Kong, and it was replaced after 15 minutes. Wow. The service is so different. I would like to thank Charmaine and Vincent (originally from Causeway Bay & Festival Walk branches respectively) for making it happen. 

I stayed in Hong Kong for three days. My hotel’s name was Mini Hotel, and it was indeed mini. Lol. It was small but the location was absolutely awesome, it was also very clean, and super cheap. It did not provide anything other than towels and toilet paper, but hey, are you really complaining for 350HKD a night? Nope, not me.

Of course a mandatory visit to Yat Lok is needed, so it’s the first thing I did after I checked in to the hotel. Which was good, because I was still alone at the time (apparently the person I was gonna be with hated authentic chinese food).

Then during night time we ate at Ebeneezer’s. It was delicious! They even had this mint sauce that you put in the shawarma.

The next day we went walking through Nathan Road and found this Turkishplace that  served really really good Turkish food. 🙂 It was a fucking hole in the wall that served amazing food and drinks.

And I forgot to mention we smelled something really good in the MTR, behold…

So yeah. Pretty short HK trip, but well worth it. It was my first time to travel alone, like board a plane alone, wait at the airport alone. And I loved it! I would probably travel alone more often now. 

Especially in Hong Kong. 🙂 



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