Blenz Coffee

I was looking for a smooth chocolate drink. As I was walking I noticed Blenz has this huge sign that their hot chocolate drink was Belgian and contained no water. 
Hmm. Interesting.

So I tried it, and asked if it could be iced, yey!

Lo and behold, probably the best chocolate drink I’ve ever had. Wow. It was smooth, not too thick, not too sweet, just right! I love it so much I had to stop mysfelf from finishing it in two gulps, going back to the counter to order another one. As I had not even left the store. WTH is this sorcery?!

Super awesome! I will definitely be coming back for seconds and thirds, fourths and fifths. Lol.

And for me to say this is the best, is a huge deal, because I am a chocaholic. Hahahaha! 


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