Just, no. This is the most horrible Filipino food that I have ever tasted (in a fine dining setting). 

And it was situated in SM Aura! To all my foreigner friends, please do not eat here. This is not what Filipino food is all about.

Probably the only thing I liked is the ostrich, and it’s not even Filipino food. I mean, is it? We don’t constantly have ostriches inside our fridges. I can’t get it in my local grocery. 

The sisig was disgusting, I only had a spoonful and I couldn’t even finish it. I like fatty stuff, but this one was just mostly fat and oil. WTF. The serving and the taste (or tha lack of it) did not justify the price. 

And what is this seafood bullshit? This was the most horrible. It’s so fishy and I can’t even describe the taste, it was a “must try” on their menu, and I can definitely say, do not try this.


I am definitely not coming back to this place and I would certainly not recommend it anyone. 


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