Señor Pollo

I’ve been hearing a lot about Señor Pollo and how amazing their chicken was. Apparently Anne Curris eats here at least once a week. A few people said it was the best chicken that they’ve had. Wow. I’m curious.
So we get there, and we were 11th on the waiting list. Okay. 

First thing, the place was super cold. Now I don’t like super cold restaurants because I don’t want my food to get cold.

Out comes our oders; chicken, fries, coleslaw, salad, potato wedges with garlic aioli and quesadilla.

Chicken: the chicken was okay for me. I mean, it was delicious but not the best tasting grilled chicken ever. I dunno about this, but I think Anne Curtis has never eaten at JT’s Manukan? Lol. This was soooo over hyped. Everybody’s just joining the Señor Pollo bandwagon. Oh well. We liked the chimichurri though.

 Sides: coleslaw, fries and salad tasted okay. They weren’t anything special in my opinion. 

Potato Wedges with Garlic Aioli: this is the one that actually blew our minds. Woah, that aioli! This, this is actually the best tasting aioli of my life! The potato wedges were delicious too! Oh my. This dish deserves a slow clap. Haha! We absolutely loved it, that we ordered another bowl of it.

Quesadilla: this was good too. We loved the garlic dip. We actually realized that they make really good garlic stuff. Haha! 

Would I come back? If there were no lines, yes. But to wait again for an hour? Nah. 
And Anne Curtis, I hope you get this- please eat at JT’s Manukan. Hahahaha! 


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