Puñta Manila

I went here on a Friday. I was the first one there. First thing I noticed is the ambiance. The inside decor was really nice and the al fresco part was not cramped with a bunch of tables and chairs put together. It was really spacious, which I liked.

They don’t have Red Horse (my favorite) so the server suggested an imported beer, that he said was really good. He was very friendly and accomodating, so I tried it.


Lo and behold! 1906 Red Vintage is one of the best beers I have had. 8% alcohol too. Coolness.

When my friends arrived we order loval beers, and they were below zero. Delicious! 

Next thing we ordered was the Corazon, basically grilled chicken hearts. It was super duper awesome! We were blown away! They were perfectly cooked and the char was really nice. They even served it with different sauces; chimichurri, ensalada, vinegar and soy sauce. 

We then tried their signature cocktail which was called Salty Snow Queen. 

This is really good! Probably one of the best cocktails that I have ever had. I love it! Super gooooood! 

After this we ordered their pork belly dish, and that was good too! The serving was very generous; it had rice, corn and fries on the side. Wow. 

Can this place get any better? Apparently so, because The Twist was playing and they did amazing songs in acoustic version. 

I would definitely come back to this place! 


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