Puñta Manila

Since I loved this bar so much, I went back for their relaunch.

It was free flowing cocktails and food starting 8PM-10PM.

Guess what I ordered first? 🙂

Corazon of course! LOL. I love their chicken hearts! 

Another thing on the menu that was for free were their chicken tails.

They were pretty tastey and really juicy. I like them as much as I like the chicken hearts. 😍

So the cocktails start coming, and I start drinking! 

La Pepita – this is delicious! The flavour of the alcohol was not overpowering, it felt like I was drinking juice. You can even taste the pulp bits. 

Next up is the ultimate cocktail…  

Salty Snow Queen my love. 😍 I will probably never get tired of this drink. It is amazing. 

They were giving out free samples of spanish corn, but my apologies for this picture- apparent evidence that I was getting drunk.

And to top the night off, I had to have their fries. They actually have one of the best fries, especially of you combine it with their dips; garlic sauce, chumichurri, ensalada and tomato sauce.

I will keep coming back to this place, and definitely recommend it to all of my friends! 

We definitely like to commend our server Noli, he’s so nice. He made us feel very welcome and accomodated all our requests.


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