I was going on a meeting with a client and the VP of our company, hence I was looking for a nice and cozy restaurant where we could wine and dine while we discuss business.  

When I get to the place, first thing I noticed is the interiors, they were really nice and it had a cozy vibe to it. Great, I thought. 

So I ordered their house blend iced tea.

  The I ordered their Steak & Eggs- medium rare steak and runny sunny side up eggs.

After 30 minutes, my order arrives…



  First thing I noticed- the steak was so small! For 590PHP I was expeting a bit more. Half of the plate was filled with tasteless fritters and to top it all off, my steak was medium well! Disgusting. I did not even finish my food, nor did anyone else’s for that matter.

What a fucking waste of my time and good money. I will never come back to this restaurant, nor will I recommend it to any of my friends.

You will not get you money’s worth at this place. 


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