Ampalaya Recipe

I cooked ampalaya and it was awesome! 😍

I had no bitter taste and was still crunchy. Let me share this recipe with everyone.

First what you need to do is cut up the ampalaya in half and remove the inside; seeds and the white stuff (which I dunno what it’s called).

Then you cut each half in to stips, not too thin.

Put them in a basin and rinse with water, drain it.

Next is you put half a cup of rock salt, mix it with the amplaya. Really mix is thoroughly until the green juice of the amplaya comes out. Drain this. Then do it repeatedly until there is no more green juice left.

After this, wash the amplaya and make sure no more salt is left. Leave it in the basin, with a good amount of water, let it sit there.

Saute crushed garlic, sliced red onions and tomatoes in very little oil. Saute it until the onions become colorless and the tomatoes are fully cooked. Just let it simmer for a bit, and then add one cup of water and one to two pinches of salt (depends on your taste).

Let it boil for 10 minutes.

While it’s boiling, get two eggs, beat them together then mix it with the boiling mixture you have.

Let it boil for a minute just to make sure the egg is fully cooked, take it out out the heat. Make sure it’s not boiling anymore. Set is aside.

Remove the ampalaya from the water, make sure it’s completely drained.

Put the ampalaya on top of the mixture. DO NOT MIX IT! Just cover it up for another ten minutes, and then serve! 😍


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