I came back to Moonshine wanting more. After I was blown away by their Aligue Wings and Buy 1 Take 1 on locals beers, so I just had to try it again.

I orderderes their Aligue Wings, and noticed that it looked different: 

The presentation was lackluster, the wings were not evenly covered in the sauce, just like the first one. They still taste good, however I thought the first one was better. See here…

Next up, my friend ordered their Lechon Fries; so meaning fries that had Lechon Kawali as toppings.

But this one failed to impress. The fries were so soggy and the Lechon Kawali skin was not even crispy. 

BTW, no Buy 1 Take 1 on beers that night. 

Last but not the least, I asked for the server their best seller cocktail, he suggested the Jungle Juice. 

It looked awesome! However it tasted like stale car air freshner, watermelon flavor. Lol. 


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