Fireside by Kettle

Today, 29 September 2015, marks the day when I tasted the most delicious fried chicken!

I ordered Buttermilk Chicken Fingers and asked for coleslaw as my side and ordered extra rice. Yes, I am a big eater.

Then the food came…

The serving was huge! 

So I grabbed a peice and felt already the crispness when I cut throught it. I wanted to taste it without the gravy first, and the moment I put it in my mouth, I was beside myself. Holy fuck. This is most delicious fried chicken I have ever had! 

So I tried it with gravy on the second bite, even more delicious! Wow. 


I just have to tell you that I love coleslaw. Wherever I go, if there’s coleslaw on the menu and it goes with my main dish, that’s what I’ll order for side. So I really didn’t care much for the coleslaw after I tasted the chicken. 

But what the hell is this socery?! My god! This coleslaw is immaculate! I cannot believe what I am eating, heaven! 

I am in love with this place! I am definitely coming back for more! Probably tomorrow, because it’s so amazing! 

I didn’t even care for the rice. Lol. 



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