Roasted Chicken Recipe

So everyone has been asking about my roasted chicken. 

What you do is mix these ingredients together:

1/2 cup olive oil

1 tbs ground pepper

2 tbs paprika

1 tsp iodized salt

2 crushed cloves of garlic

Mix all these ingredients together, rub it all over the chicken and make sure that even the insides have the marinade in them.

We’re talking about a whole chicken here, if you’re just doing half then just do half of the ingredients.

Put the chicken inside a ziploc bag. Make sure that there’s not too much air left when you seal it. Put it in the chiller over night.

Take it out one hour before you stick it in the oven or turbo. I suggest you cut the chicken on the breast part. And then skind down when you put it in. After you see that the top part is cooked, flip the chicken over so that you have the skin on top now. This will cause the skin to be crispy once you take it out. 

Do not over cook your chicken. Or else it will become dry. I unfortunately cannot tell you how many minutes I cook my chicken per side because I never really timed it. Lol. 

All I know is that I set the oven at 180C. ☺️

Hope this helps. Enjoy! 

The top is not burnt, I just like my chicken a bit more peppery. 😜


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