It was was my second time to eat at Wildflour yesterday, first time I just ordered a pie and forgot to take a picture of it so I forgot to review it. 

Anyways, yesterday my team and Here are my thoughts…

They serve you bread and butter while waiting for your order.  

I ordered a Watermelon Iced Tea, but it tasted more of like Watermelonw Juice. I asked if they have normal house blend iced tea, but they didn’t. 

The roasted chicken came first, and it was delicious! Very tender and juicy, perfectly cooked.  

 And it was huge! It was half a chicken! LOL.

Next came the burger… 

 The patty was as thick as my face! Awesome.

And last, but not the least, my lasagna… 

   Sinful I tell you, sinful! One of the best lasagnas I’ve ever tasted.
Though I loved the food, I wish they would have told us that the servings were for at least two people. Four people ordered the lasagna but no one was able to finish it, and we are not light eaters I tell you. Lol. We could have just ordered two and shared them. The chicken as well. 

But you do get the value for your money. It is epensive but the servings were huge, if only we knew. Lol. 


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