Green Pastures

I am usually not a fan of “organic” food. Because it’s fucking tasteless! The only place that has me begging for more would be The Farm. 

So I got the thing that sounds most unhealthy on the menu, Fried Chicken in Duck Fat. Wow. Just the thought of it would probably make “healthy” people cringe. LOL.

    And it was actually really good! Juicy, perfectly cooked chicken. Didn’t really care for the sauces though. Banana ketchup and honey with tons of herbs in it. 

  I got mashed potatoes as well, which was tasteless. 


 My friend got the Fried Swordfish, it came with sauce that was pretty much like soup with clams on the side. I thought the swordfish was cooked beautifully as well. It was okay for my taste. 


 The iced tea was weirdly good. I can’t describe it. But the beer was great! Haha! 



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