Izakaya Kikufuji

Yes. A one star. If you check out my earlier reviews, I have always given Izakaya Kikufuji five stars, but not this time. And here’s why:
1. Spicy Tuna – it was served warm. Spicy Tuna is supposed to be served cold and not warm. Apart from that, the tuna was not fresh. Like there were pieces of tuna that was already black. BLACK! WTF.

2. Uni – Their uni was not fresh either. Ang lansa! Seriously. It was served warm too. Is there a problem with your fridge? I ate one piece and did not touch it for the rest of the night.

3. Karaage – The menu said chicken balls, not chicken BITS! Malaki pa Chicken Nuggets e. Anaka ng pucha. I swear. And every bit had cartilage in it. I don’t know how they managed to do that and what part of the fucking chicken has so many cartilage in it? Lintek.

4. Special Kani Salad – So the difference between the regular and the special; is the mango, the young corn and the asparagus. But I wonder why my salad did not have any corn in it? And there were only about five slices of mango. Talaga? Ni hindi man lang isang pisngi?

5. Wagyu Sticks – This is the only thing I liked because it is the only thing consistent.

6. Service was actually pretty good this time. Too bad the food sucked.
Probably not going back here again. Going to try other restaurants in the area, there are a lot of Japanese restaurants around Chino Roces naman e. Super disapponted. I felt like I wasted my money. I could have just gone to Karate Kid, baka mas masaya pa ko. Grabe talaga. Parati ko pa naman binibida ito sa family and friends ko.
Time to get off the Kikufuji bandwagon.


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