Legazpi Sunday Market

You’ve probably noticed that I am here every Sunday. For one, I live close by, and mainly because the food is delicious. I love supporting local and small businesses. Everything here is expensive af, but pretty good. There are some tasty dishes for a decent price, like Juana Bowl’s rib eye steak, so juicy and tender for just 200PHP. But these past few weeks I decided to try other things. 

We’ve been eating the tuna, 180PHP for a huge chunk of tune belly good for two people. It’s char grilled and fresh that’s why we love it.

But this Sunday I tried I ❤ Longganisa. 

I am a sucker for longganisa, the garlicky ones. The meal was for 150PHP with your choice of longganisa. So I picked the assorted ones; Vigan Longganisa, Calumpit Longganisa and Bulacan Longganisa (sweet). I ordered an extra egg for 10PHP.

The Vigan Longganisa was authentic, nice. It was my first time to taste Calumpit Longganisa, and it was actually pretty good. And at least now I know what Bulacan Longganisa tastes like, never doing that again. Not really a big fan of sweet longganisa, but now at least I can say I tried. Haha!

We tried Brooklyn Chicken for 120PHP. The chicken was okay, but we liked the mayo dip and the dirty rice that comes with it.

Then we tried the Quarter Pound burger from Monster Burger with extra Australian cheese for 125PHP.

The burger tasted like Brothers Burger. Like, really. Haha!

And last but not the least, my favorite of them all, Cheese Pemiento from Mantequila. Super delicious! 130PHP for this baby!


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