Pork Steak

Today I am sharing to you my Pork Steak recipe. Which is actually very easy. Basically it’s just four pieces of pork steak (which I bought from the grocery) 15 pieces of calamansi, 1/4 cup of soy sauce, 2 cups of water and a large white onion.

First squeeze all the calamansi in the pot and remove the seeds. Second, add the soy sauce. Then add the water and mix well. Put the pork in the pot and make sure it’s soaked in the mixture. Boil for 45 mins on medium heat until pork is tender and the sauce has reduced.

Slice the onions, get the pork and leave the sauce in the pot, turn off the heat and put the onion slices in. Leave for about a minute. Transfer all the sauce and onion on to the saucer with the pork.



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