7 Flavors Buffet

I’m a fan of buffets. LOL. Who isn’t? 

I really like this place! It’s cheap and gives you that homey feeling because of all the Filipino dishes. The food is good, the ambiance is nice and very cozy. Service is great!

I especially like; their Caesar Salad dressing, Honey Mustard dressing, Roast Beef, Pancit, Calamari and tacos.

Caesar Salad – dressing is delicious! 


Mixed Vegetables

Salmon Head in Coconut Milk – this was delicious! I’m a big fan of coconut milk, so of course I liked this. Haha! Spicy too. Yum!

Tofu Sisig

Beef Something – I forgot the name. Haha!

Roast Beef – yum! 

One of my favorites! Hindi makunat! Ang sarap!

I am absolutely raving about their tacos! Delicious! A must-try. I’ve never seen tacos in a buffet before.

Mango Tapioca

I forgot what this was called. LOL

Cutiepatootie baby butters. Hihi


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