NIU by Vikings

​Why don’t I love it?

1. I booked a table one month in advanced of my boyfriend’s birthday. Tapos inupo kami sa dessert section? Dafuq. Yung lakad ko galing sa carving station pabalik ng table ko e malamig na pagkain ko. So I asked the server kung puwede ba mag palipat ng table, without checking, sabi niya wala na daw available kasi daw lahat reserved. So lumapit ako sa concierge and they immediately sat us down sa middle section ng buffet. Thank you nice and friendly concierge people. No thanks to you ass hole server of table 302 A.

2. I got to the carving station and I requested for the fatty part of the lamb. I know my meat, and I saw that there was a fatty part, pero sabi ni kuya pare-pareho lang daw yun. Uhm, okay na nga lang. Nabadtrip na kasi ako dun sa table pa lang, so ayoko na dagdagan pa. Pati yung Prime Rib daw walang fat. Ahh. Okay.

3. This was the best of the night. I actually did not know if I would be pissed off or laugh my ass off when this happened. I asked for the fatty part of the lechon, and the guy who was chopping it said “ay wala pong taba yan kasi po belly yan.” Oh. Wow. As in wow talaga.

I don’t understand, the point of going to a buffet is to eat what you want and how you want it and as much as you can. So bakit ang damot sa part na gusto ng customer? Ito pa ah, hindi naman “prime” yung part na gusto ko. Pustahan tayo mas madami nag rrequest ng “walang taba” kaysa sa may taba. 

Here’s some of the other stuff we ate.

What saved my day was Marvin. This nice server entertained me by the Grill Section because I couldn’t find the crab. He said I just needed to request for it. Noooiiicceeee! He asked if I wanted them steamed and I said I wanted them cooked in butter with garlic. He said he will see what he can do. After 15 minutes, he served these amazing crabs. I loved it! 

And of course, Puto Bumbong.


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