101 Hawker Foodhouse

Our go to place. Because errrrtthaaannggg here is just freakin’ amazeballs. 

So the usual of course, Lechon Kawali and Nasi Goreng. 

And today we were lucky enough to try two more dishes; the Mi Goreng and Beef Satay.

In the words of my boyfriend- “para siyang mas sosyal and mas masarap na Hong Kong Style noodles.” And indeed it was! Pero to the highest level kasi napaka sarap nung noodles and ang daming sahog.

Ang sarrraaaaappppp neto! Napaka juicy! Unlike nung mga ibang Beef Satay na na-try ko before. Actually we were hesistant to order this at first, but I’m glad we did.

They have two new sauces, this first one tastes a whole lot like atsara. Yum! Bagay na bagay sa Nasi Goreng.

This one is spicy, parang mas spicy pa nga dun ss chili sauce e. Haha! 


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