Cafe By The Ruins

My friends and I were planning this Baguio tipr for 3 weeks, our hashtag is BagYOBaes2016. Hahahaha!

So just to warn you, the following posts will be places in Baguio.

First stop is Cafe By The Ruins. One word- overrated.

2/4 meals were bland. The servers were not at all that pleasing too.

The tapa was tough and mediocre, sana man lang masarap yung suka to compensate for the tapa kaso hindi e. 

The skinless longganisa, turned out to be tasteless longganisa bits. And the Tinapang Bangus, you guessed it, wala din lasa! Grabe. I actually don’t know how you could get this wrong. Tinapa na nga yun e. Oh well.

Isa lang masarap, yung longganisa na mahaba na lasang paminta. Thanks sa Lord. 

At  least yun may spice kahit papaano.

For 340PHP each, here’s what you get- the meal, drink of your choice and a bowl of fruits. 

Not rushing back to this place anytime soon. Tabangerzzzz! Sayang time and effort, I could have spent it sa ibang restaurant na worth ng sandaling oras ko sa Baguio.


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