Rumah Sate

Ii there’s a best, there’s a worst. LOL

This restaurant is the worst part of our trip, mainly because the food was not good and service was horrible. Definitely overpriced as well. 

My friend is allergic to seafood, so we asked the server if the Mee Goreng can be cooked without seafood, and if we could just have the seafood on the side.

He agreed. But when the Mee Goreng arrived, there was still seafood in it. Thank goodness my friend had not eaten it yet. We had it replaced, but the servers did not look happy. The prawns arrived 15minutes after the noodles (that tasted like spaghetti btw), and they were undercooked. Sobrang lansa. As in pag subo mo, mailuluwa mo sa lansa. 

The Laksa was bland, tas ang labnaw pa. Parang Sinigang yung sabaw e.

Yung appetizer namen na fresh lumpia, naging dessert, kasi tapos na kami kumain nung dumating. 

Strawberry iced tea my ass, more of like “kuya pabili naman ng Tang Strawberry sa tindahan, paki halo tas serve mo samen sabihin mo iced tea kunwari.” Kalokohan.


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