Vienne’s Galley

I planned a surprise party for my sister’s 25th birthday and ordered food for 30 people to be delivered at the Richmonde Hotel.

My orders were:

2 Bellychon

1 Carbonara

1 Lasagna

1 Buffalo Wings (with  dip)

1 Garlic Curry Shrimp with Mashed Potato

1 Yangchow fried Rice

1 Steamed Rice

1 Tray Garlic Toast

I researched a bit since I was very busy with work, and one of my biggest dilemmas in life is serving bad party food.
I paid 8500 for the food, and 500PHP for delivery since it was very far from their place.

And it was all worth it. everything was delicious! Everyone raved about the Garlic Curry Shrimp and Lasagna. The Bellychon was soooo good and the skin was crispy. I especially loved the dip of the Buffalo Wings.

I will definitely order again and recommend them to all my friends.

You can find them on Facebook. 🙂

Special thanks to Chef Jay for being so accommodating and discussing what is within budget. 


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