Balay Dako

When I first stepped in this place I was immediately wowed by the elegant interiors, huge space and beautiful tables and chairs.

The view was uhhhhhhhmazing! They had wide windows over looking the Taal Volcano. The wide open space partnered with the cold breeze was just perfect for late lunch. 

First order of business, Legua! It was delicious and the ox tongue is super tender. The sauce alone is enough as a viand. 

Kalderetang Kambing- I love Kalderetang Kambing. Whenever I see it on the menu, I make sure I order it. Out comes the order, I was shocked at how small the serving was. And then I tried to cut it with my fork, it wouldn’t budge. The meat was so tough, we had to ask the server for a knife, to which he gave us a bread knife. The taste wasn’t that appealing either, it was quite bland for our taste. It didn’t even taste like goat, it tasted like beef. But I really cannot get over at how tough it was. 

Pinakbet- this was probably the best dish for me. The sauce is flavorfull and the vegetables were cooked perfectly. 

I don’t eat Tawilis, but the fambam said it was delicious! 

Garlic Rice was good.

The service was slow in my opinion.

I found the price very steep for the quality and quantity of food. I loved the ambiance and the interiors of the place, most especially the view.

But I cannot say that it compensated for the okay food, small serving and steep prices.

Would I come back? Probably for the breakfast. People rave about their breakfast. So, we’ll see.




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