Every year I go to Boracay. I love it. I wonder why people say that it’s not nice, and that they didn’t enjoy when they went there? I mean, if you know the right places to go to; where to stay, where to eat, drink and party, you’ll definitely enjoy. 

Now I’m very OC when it comes to my travels; I like my flight, hotel and itinerary arranged, months before I even go somewhere. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a spontaneous person, but I also like to know.

Let’s start…


So I booked a flight via Cebu Pacific. Yes, Cebu Pacific is a budget airline, but Boracay is just an hour away. Don’t be such a baby. LOL. We got our flight for just 3500PHP per person. Super cheap. Spend less on the flight and more on the vacation. Always remember that.


I always book my hotels via It’s a good place to book your hotels because it does not require upfront payment, and sometimes, free cancellation. Now the reason for using this site is practicality. What if I change my mind the last minute? What if I have an emergency and can’t actually go through with the trip? Those are the reasons I consider, that is why I prefer a hotel that allows you to pay when you are already there.

The hotel I booked is Zuzuni. Zuzuni is a beachfront hotel located in Station 1, near Army Navy. It cost 17,600PHP for the Deluxe room, for five days and had free breakfast. I asked the hotel to arrange our transfers from the airport to the hotel and vice versa, I would like to travel with the least amount of hassle, so I let the hotel take care of all that. Upon booking via, I messaged the hotel our flight details, and they confirmed our transfers quickly. The transfers are not inclusive of the cost, so you must pay extra for them. It isn’t much, less than 1000PHP per person for the two way transfers I believe. 


Upon checking in, I was greeted with a nice bed that had white sheets (a must) and about eight pillows! Yey! J I loved it already. First thing I do is check out the bathroom, and it was sparkling clean and smelled great! Wonderful.I liked that they give you free and unlimited bottled water upon request. I mean, I’m okay with tap water (Boracay tap water is super clean), but they serve bottled water whenever they run out of pitchers or something. Haha! Our fridge was always refilled with bottled water whenever we ask them to make up our room.

Their restaurant La Cozina serves really delicious food. Our breakfast was always on point. LOL. During the first day they asked my fiancé how he would like his eggs done, and he said country style, and he never had to ask again. Because every day his breakfast arrived with country style eggs. Those small details are the ones that I really really like, because it means that they actually pay attention.

They serve the best Chocolate Lava Cake that I have ever had, and I’ve had a lot. Perfectly cooked, with equal ice cream to cake ratio. Haha! They had really good churros too. Don’t expect La Lola quality, but definitely up there.

And last but not the least, is their amazing service. Staff are friendly and always greeted you with a smile. They were always ready to assist; whether it be just a random question, our 14th water request for the day, or delivering beach towels.

I would absolutely recommend this hotel to everyone, and would gladly stay here again.


LUNCH: We had late lunch since we arrived at the island around 4PM. So basically, it was LUNNER. LOL. I’m coining that term. Btw, my boyfriend had a bad experience the first time he went to Boracay, so he’s piratically a first timer. He didn’t even know about Jonah’s Fruitshakes. Who the hell goes to Boracay and doesn’t have Jonah’s? Duh. It’s like the best fruit shake ever. Haha! Anyway, everyone knows Jonah’s has really good fruit shakes, but not everyone knows they serve delicious Spring Rolls too! Not as good as what my mom makes, but close enough. We also tried their Buttered Chicken, and it was likewise yummy. 

DRINKS: It was getting dark and we were looking for a place to hang out and have a few drinks at. We found a new bar that served a bucket of six beers for just 390PHP. Wow. Such a deal for Boracay! And it was in Station 1 too, I think it’s the old Obama Grill. They had bean bags on the shore and had good party music. You could buy peanuts and barbecue from the people selling on the side and eat it on your table. Great! The name of the place is Coming Soon. While we were there, it turns out that I knew someone from the table behind us. So we ended up partying together. Haha!

MORE DRINKS: We transferred to another bar, it used to be Juice Bar, but now it’s called OM Bar. It’s near Shakey’s. Just ride the tricycle and tell them to take you to Shakey’s, and walk to the beach front, it’s there. 



BREAKFAST: I had omelet from the hotel, which is superb! Fiance had the tapa, which was delicious too. And our course, Lava Cake for dessert.


LUNCH: Well where else of course? D’Talipapa! That’s practically what I came here for. LOL. Kidding’

So I bought half a kilo of scallops, half a kilo of small squids, and half a kilo of salt water shrimp (the white ones). This is actually more than enough for two people. I always go to Plato D’ Boracay to have my freshly shopped seafood cooked. Now this is very important, the things that you bought need to be cooked in the right way, otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy it and it will go to waste.

Shrimp – Butter Garlic 

Squid – Adobo 

Scallops – Baked 

I always go to this place, and they have always gotten it right. Trust me.

Btw, this place gets packed during lunch, so I would suggest tow things; a. skip breakfast and go here around 11AM, b. have heavy breakfast so you could go here after lunch, around 1PM.

PADDLE BOARDING: 300PHP for 30 minutes, I think?

DRINKS: I read, and heard a lot about Spiderhouse. So we asked the tricycle to take us there, 150PHP, one way. We got there, and it was beautiful. The place had dim lighting, hanging off a cliff with puppies you could cuddle while you hang out there. PUPPIES! YES! I ordered a Mango Daquiri and my fiancé ordered a Weng-Weng. We finished the drinks and went back to the White Beach. That’s another 150PHP to go back. I think this place is cozy and the ambiance is super nice, but we spent about 300PHP alone for the fare, and 500PHP for two drinks. 

MORE DRINKS: We went to White House because some of the people we met yesterday were there, so I ordered a beer and my fiancé ordered Weng-Weng again. One of the people we met hadn’t had dinner yet, so she ordered Adobo on Kimchi Rice, which was pretty good. We left after we finished our drinks because we were the only ones there. LOL 

DINNER: Everyone decided to go the Exit Bar, but on the way there my fiancé and I passed by Andok’s. Have you heard of this saying that Andok’s tastes better in Boracay? Haha! So yeah, we ate dinner there, and I felt sleepy afterwards so we went back to the hotel to end the day. But I noticed that their chicken got smaller.



BREAKFAST: I ordered the omelet again, just because it’s really delicious! My fiancé ordered tocino, and it was super duper good! Make sure to have heavy breakfast because Ariel’s Point serves late lunch.

I booked our ticket in advance via Like I said, I prefer no hassle throughout my trips, and usually Ariel’s Point is packed during the summer so I opted to book in advance rather than take the chance and not be able to get a slot.

We arrived at Boracay Beach Club around 10.30AM, boat for Ariel’s Point leaves at 11.30AM, but you need to register and fill out forms and sign waivers, so they require you to be there at least an hour before.

Basically, everything you need to know about Aril’s Point is in their website. They take you to a place where you can go cliff diving, kayaking, snorkeling, and have unlimited drinks and food. It’s 2500PHP per person, you get to stay there until 4PM.

I like AP because it’s such a lot of fun, and you get to make friends and meet a whole bunch of people you don’t normally meet in your everyday life. It’s my third time, and I still had a blast. 

We met Sharlene and Chris, a couple from the US. Bryce from Australia. Christopher, who owns a Filipino Restaurant, is from Canada. Julie and Mia, from Denmark. And YoungHoo from Korea. 

DINNER: I promised the guys I would take them to BarLo, which is the restaurant in Two Seasons that serve the absolute best Oyster Sisig. I am telling you, it is THE BEST! Locavore’s doesn’t even come close. They also have super delicious Four Cheese Pizza. But only five of us were able to make it, because the others were too drunk. LOL. SO I had dinner with Julie and Mia, Sharlene and Chris. 


BREAKFAST: Omelete and tapa again. LOL

LUNCH: We went to lunch at Spice Bird. Little cozy place in D’Mall where I had the best piri-piri chicken I have ever had in my life! And I’ve had Nando’s. LOL. Seriously! Very delicious. The meat of the chicken was very flavorful and the sauces were damn good! It was amazing I’m telling you! Amazing! I would definitely have hit this place early on if I had known it was going this be extremely delicious! 

SNACK: We hung out in front out our hotel and ordered some churros, they were wonderful. 

PARASAILING: I got the parasailing deal for 1300PHP per person, originally 1500PHP. But I remember the first time I tried it with my friends, we were eight I think so we were able to get it at 1200PHP per person.

DINNER: For our anniversary dinner, my fiance and I went to BarLO, because he was too drunk the day before, so he wasn’t able to try the best Oyster Sisig and Four Cheese Pizza. LOL. So it basically blew the bejesus out of him because of how delicious it was.



No breakfast today because we slept in and packed our things for out flight later in the afternoon. We decided to just have early lunch at D’Talipapa.

LUNCH: Same thing, I shopped at the fish market; White Snapper, lobster and clams. I headed for the same restaurant to have them cooked.

Clams – Halaan (Clam Soup) 

Lobster – Butter Garlic 

White Snapper – Deep Fried 

As usual, it was delightful. I actually have a new favorite fish now. Haha! White Snapper, very meaty and tangy fish. Delicious!

We headed back to the hotel for our dessert, Lava Cake, one for the road. 

Good bye Boracay! I will see you again next year!



So that concludes our Boracay experience. Feel free to ask me anything, I will answer you to the best of my abilities. Just a friendly reminder, don’t wear heels on the beach, come on. It just shows how stupid you are.


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