Passport – DFA Appointment System

Yesterday my fiance got his passport from DFA Megamall.

His first passport. LOL 

He never really thought of the need to get one, he wasn’t really in to travelling, until he met me. Anyway, even if you’re not in to travelling, I definitely suggest getting a passport; it’s a good valid ID to have. And you never know the circumstances; your company might send you to another country; you might win a raffle ticket to somewhere outside the Philippines. I dunno.The new Philippine Passport is really nice btw. Basically, all you need to know is on the DFA website; down to the forms, requirements and scheduling an appointment. Some satellite offices can accommodate you on a Saturday, like DFA Megamall.

Just click SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT, everything starts from there on. You can schedule an individual appointment, or if you’re a family, schedule a group appointment.

Don’t forget to print out the forms and bring the requirements when you go to your scheduled appointment date. Good luck!




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