I want to start writing about my trips. Those I forgot to write about, and the upcoming ones. I went to Korea last 2014. I went with my family and then fiancé, but we stayed in separate hotels- this is mainly because we wanted to do different activities. We had a budget of 1,000,000KRW.


We went to Everland. I had booked the ticket and the bus a few months before our trip, I like being organized, and the bus to Everland makes a stop right in front of our hotel. We picked a hotel in Jongno because it was in the middle of everything. It’s near Insadong, Myeongdong, the bus to Nami, etc. etc.


It was so cold during the time we were there (late November) that parts of the park were closed off.

But I still enjoyed, a lot. I liked the rides but mostly the animals. I’m an animal lover; and it was my first time to touch a sheep, play with birds, see a real life Polar Bear and feed a giraffe, they were huge! Haha! I loved every minute of it.


During dinner time, we went to Song Jook Heon. I read about good restaurants close to the area, and this place made it to CNN’s list.

It was easy to find, considering it looked like a normal house and not a restaurant. When we got there we were ushered to a room with a big table. It was just the two of us (my then fiance is Norwegian and I’m Filipino, and we didn’t know how to speak Korean) and we had no idea what to do because nobody spoke English. There was no menu, they just started serving the food. It was an extreme abundance of food. LOL. There was roughly about 20 dishes (including sides) between the both of us and we didn’t know how to finish it.


The food is really good, my expectations were met, especially if it costs around 7000PHP (roughly 160,000KRW).



Korea is filled with cafes. Every street corner has a café, or two. For breakfast we went to Paris Croissant while waiting for the booking agency for Nami Island.


You have to go to the booking agency so you could reserve your seats for the bus and the boat going to Nami Island.

The plan for the day is to basically walk all over Seoul. Just sightsee. We spent about 10 hours walking. The only stops we made were lunch, snacks, and pee breaks. Haha!


We went to Gyeongbokgung Palace, Bukchon Hanok Village, Samcheong-dong, Changdeokgung, Insadong and Dongdaemun Design Plaza.





The entire day was marvelous. I was overwhelmed with the heritage of Seoul.

We went to see the NANTA show in Myeongdong, which we got the tickets from our receptionist at the hotel.


Korean BBQ for dinner, of course, and it was delicious! We didn’t even go to a famous place, we just went inside the place with the most people. Haha!



We went to N Seoul Tower.

I forgot the package we took when we get there but it included lunch (steak, pizza and desser), a pass up the actual tower, and a lock.

This is where I ate the second best steak of my life. LOL


The view was breathtaking. The lunch was spectacular- the steak was delicious!

We went to Yongsan Electronics Market because my x wanted to buy a Samsung S5 at the time. There were a lot of options, and everybody was very friendly.

Dinner was spent at a restaurant around the corner of our hotel and of course, it was amazing.



Nami Island!

I don’t watch Korean drama, but everyone said to still go to this place, so we went.

We took a bus from Tapgol Park to the pier and boarded a small ferry that took us to Nami Island.


It was beautiful. The place, was just majestic. I fed an ostrich and chased a squirrel.

I recommend doing this at the last part of your tour because it was really grubby. My shoes were so dusty later.

After Nami we went to dinner at another place near our hotel and there was a guy walking around with a huge bowl of kimchi, just refilling everyone’s plates. Our plate of kimchi was not empty yet but it will soon be so I called him, and he didn’t have anywhere to put the kimchi in so he put directly on the stone top grill. I was horrified. My kimchi, it’s gonna get hot! Ugh. I tasted the kimchi just to check if it was still okay, and that moment changed my life. It was soooo damn delicious! Cooked kimchi is the way to go. OMG. I will never forget that moment.


We fancied a couple of drinks before going back to the hotel, we found a place that was underground and has the best alternative 90s music. They served peanuts, pretzels and chocolate for free.

I reflected on our Korea trip, while listening to The Verve, sipping my Corona.



We did one last sightseeing trip before going to the airport, we walked along Cheonggyecheon stream and admired everything that is Korea.


We went back to the place we had dinner on Day 4, since it was the best Korean BBQ we had. As I was cooking my kimchi the owner approached me and said “oh! You know how to eat kimchi ah!” And I was like “yes!” but in my mind I was going “well you could have told me that two days ago, instead I just learned to cook it last night!” Haha!


It was an amazing trip. I loved Seoul. Everyone was so nice, food is superb and place was just remarkable! I would definitely come back, soon. 😊


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