Hook by Todd English

Last Tuesday I was given the opportunity to join a Rendezvoos at Hook by Todd English in Uptown. 

Upon arrival I was greeted by everyone there and was escorted to our table, I was the first one to arrive.
Once everyone was there (almost), food started coming out. 

Platter 3 was made up of 3 tiers. All I can say is- freshness! There was a lot to choose from, but my favorites were; the oysters with the yuzu granita, because they had no trace of fishy taste whatsoever, the Scallop Motoyaki, because was so refreshing to the palette, the Crab and Uni Slaw, because crab and uni. Duh. 

Blackened Tuna Loin was up next, this dish looks and tastes so refined. Like you have to eat it gently because it looks so beautiful and tastes so silky. The tuna basically melted in my mouth. 

Now for my favorite dish, Crab Head Gratin! OMG. *BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP BLEEP* Curse words are not allowed here, but you can see where I’m going with this. LOL. Everything on that plate was just pure perfection. From the corn puree down ever bit of crab and cheese. 

Second favorite is the Salted Egg Praws, because why not? Who doesn’t like salted egg? SALTED EGG ERRRRTHANG! Haha! The prawns were cooked perfectly, they were crispy and not too salty. Delsih! 

Shrimp On The Rocks- they smelled great! Raw shrimp that’s cooked with hot rocks. I was too lazy to peal shrimp but Kevin said they were soft, sweet, and easy to peel. I’ll take his word for it. LOL 

Fried Garlic Squid was so tender and the garlic flavor was so prominent. I’m a garlic lover, so I liked this dish very much.

I was already full by this time so I just took a spoonful of the (NOT) Paella, and it tasted like Kaldereta Rice! Yum yum yum! I wish they had served this earlier though. 

Mr. Penguin! I was so full, but there’s always room for dessert! The ice cream on this dish was so tasty, it had a smooth taste, I couldn’t get enough of it. The cake was moist and the chocolate truffle tied everything together. It was an amazing end to a wonderful meal. 

I would definitely come back, especially during happy hour, where they serve $1 oysters!

Thanks to looloo, to Eric and Kidd (they were great hosts), and to everyone I was with because you all made it super fun! 😊 ‘Til the next! 


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