El Cangrejo

I read this article a few weeks ago, of a place that offers unlimited crab and steak. I thought it was awesome but I somehow forgot about it. 

Yesterday I was with my friend who said that I should try it. So I did.

I think it’s 800 per head. 

First thing, you get a pumpkin soup.  

 Which I thought was good. 🙂

Next is the steak!

I thought that you could pick whatever kind of steak you want, but turns out, you couldn’t. The server said it was angus sirloin. It was very tender and perfectly cooked, but somehow it lacked flavor. We found that it was a bit bland.

Apart from the unlimited steak and crab, I also ordered their scallops. Well, because I like scallops. Who doesn’t? LOL. 

Scallops are heaven on earth. And this did not disappoint! They were delicious! But somehow I was expecting cheese on top. Lol. The scallops were tiny, but wth. 

The crabs arrive! 

Just steamed, they were perfect. All meaty and juicy. 



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